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skate vids (flsh)

2008-12-25 16:33:56 by facundo

hey whats up

i stopped flashinhg for a while

but know i started again so check up my videos

thanks and merry christmas evry one!

can you acceppt my video??'

2008-08-21 18:08:42 by facundo

please people give the flsh 5 points so it passes

this is a talent friend check his website

he is very good at doing sk8 flash animations he is now producing a flash caled black stick but due to some people that think this name is racist he will change it to have a better puntuation check out his website and see the preview its short but it gives you an idea thanks for visiting my site!

My 1st submission!!!

2008-08-11 12:54:13 by facundo

I'm submiting a flash animation today and i hope everybody likes it.